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Commercial Landscaping For Plymouth-Canton

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Commercial Landscaping: Good vs. Great

The difference between ‘good’ and ‘great’ in the landscape maintenance service industry always comes down to the amount of attention paid to a property. Our integrated approach to commercial landscaping services gives us the opportunity to not only tend the grounds but to take a detailed look at the property as a whole. This means pulling the weeds growing against the building. You know, the ones out of reach from the mower. It means trimming those limbs hanging a bit lower than the others. We can’t stand seeing shredded garbage on a fresh cut lawn. We’re here to set the new standard when it comes to excellence in commercial landscaping services.

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Snow and Ice Management

We’re proud to be a commercial landscaping business in Michigan. We appreciate the beauty in everything the Great Lake State has to offer. Still, anyone who’s spent a winter in Michigan knows intense bouts of ice and snow come with the territory. We invite the challenge to help local businesses look their best, even in the dead of winter. Brutal winter weather can create big problems for you, your employees, your clients, and the bottom line of your business. Our snow and ice management division keeps your property clear of hazardous weather-related accumulation. Call today and set up your landscape maintenance services plan before the weather hits, because we all know it’s on its way.

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Storm Damage Cleanup

You’ve spent a lot of time, money, and effort securing an amazing property for your business. So when a raging Michigan storm comes through and turns your property into a disaster zone, you’re going to want a plan in place to restore the grounds immediately. Let’s face it - those storms can show up on any day, any hour, and any season. Thankfully, our landscape maintenance services crews keep similar hours. As quick as those storms move in and out, we show up with the same intensity. Once a scene is deemed safe, our crew will make sure those tree limbs, twigs, garbage, or whatever a storm brings in is cleaned up, packed up, and cleared out. We’ll help put your property back together, and in most cases, have it looking better than before.

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