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Snow and Ice Management in Plymouth-Canton, MI

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Plan for the Inevitable

We live in Michigan. We know the weather can get rough in the winter. Many businesses assign shoveling or commercial snow removal duties to an existing employee. That’s not a great idea for so many reasons. When you’re dealing with snow and ice building up on the parking lots, walkways, or commonly used areas around your business, you’re dealing with the possibility of big problems. Trusting us to manage your snow removal means taking out the guesswork when it comes to ugly winter weather. You can’t always trust the weather in Michigan. However, you can trust we’ll be on your property, shoveling, plowing, de-icing, and moving the accumulation to a safe, out of the way spot when it shows up.

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Snow Removal Means Less Downtime

When business comes to a halt because there’s no plan for snow plowing services, it hurts your bottom line. Regardless of your business, you need a company you can trust to show up, handle the snow and ice accumulation, and keep your business clear, safe, and accessible. We’ll monitor the weather and tend to the commercial snow plowing needs on your property automatically; you won’t even need to notify us. Trust us to shovel, plow, and de-ice your walkways, parking lots, and common areas. We take snow removal seriously. Not only because it affects your bottom line, but also for the safety and well-being of you, your employees, and your customers.

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Safety and Equipment

We’re certified by the Accredited Snow Contractors Association. We keep the safety of our commercial snow plowing crews and the public top of mind every single day we operate. So when inclement weather hits, we’ll help keep your business accessible and safe. Many factors can affect your business in the winter months. By trusting us with your commercial snow removal, there’s one less thing to worry about. Our brand-new fleet of trucks, plows, and snowblowers ensure we’ll be there for parking lot snow removal when you and your business need it most. Our precision snow and ice management crews will handle your winter weather needs quickly, efficiently, and most of all, safely.

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Avoid Possible Liability

When a business knowingly or negligently abandons its commercial snow plowing duties to keep its walkways, parking lots, and entrances free of snow and ice, it greatly increases its risk of liability. We can help you and your business proactively inspect the grounds to anticipate possible problem areas. This documentation proves your proactivity in this regard and may come in handy if needed. Possible liability is only part of the concern. Even if someone doesn’t seek legal action, in today’s age of social media, snow-hazardous areas could prompt negative buzz surrounding your business. Call us today to set up your winter weather strategy - you’ll be glad you did before the snow starts falling.

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