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Storm Damage Cleanup in Ann Arbor, MI

Storm Damage Cleanup: Emergency Tree Service: Plymouth-Canton | ALG - storm-damage-cleanup

Any Storm, Every Season

Whether it's a blustering spring squall, or an ice-filled polar vortex churning through the state, you're going to want your property to look ready for business ASAP after a weather event. Storm damage cleanup and emergency tree service is serious business in Michigan. Uprooted trees, fallen limbs, even just brush, or garbage tossed about can have serious implications for your business. Aesthetic concerns aside, the safety and security of those in and around your business may be affected after a storm. Don't risk unstable work conditions; trust us to be on the scene and working to bring your property back to its pre-storm condition.

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Storm Damage Cleanup: Emergency Tree Service: Plymouth-Canton | ALG - tree-cleanup

Plan Ahead of the Weather

Depending on the severity of a weather-related event, it could be precious days before your property is returned to pre-storm conditions. Thunderstorms, strong winds, and other events could cause serious damage to public areas surrounding your business. We understand the weather can wreak havoc, so we offer comprehensive storm damage cleanup services and emergency tree service so you can focus your time and energy on the priorities of business as usual. By working with our team and planning ahead of the weather, you're sure to get first-in-line service. We’ll be sprucing up your property, managing cleanup, and restoring the safety of your grounds before you even know we’re there.

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Storm Damage Cleanup: Emergency Tree Service: Plymouth-Canton | ALG - storm-damage(1)

Emergency Tree Services

We've seen a few intense storms throughout our experience. It's one thing to clean up a yard covered in branches, leaves, and other odds and ends. However, it's another story when felled trees or massive limbs come crashing down on the ground or worse, on a heavily used area. We stand ready and willing to help with emergency tree service. We've equipped our crews with techniques and equipment for safe, quick storm damage cleanup of dangerous debris. Don't risk your safety by attempting to handle this on your own. We'll quickly have a crew on your property to assess the damage and formulate a plan of attack to handle any necessary measures.

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Storm Damage Cleanup: Emergency Tree Service: Plymouth-Canton | ALG - before-the-storm

Before the Storm

We take pride in giving you impeccable service. In some instances, this means we survey your property and identify any possible hazardous areas. We'll either handle the acknowledged trouble spot or recommend other professional services before inclement weather comes in. We've developed an eye for seeing the trouble spots which may end up posing a threat after a weather-related event occurs. By getting ahead of the storms, you increase your chances of a lighter cleanup process. Regardless of your business, storm damage cleanup should be considered year-round, before it's needed. Call us today to set up a plan of action.

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