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Advanced Curb Appeal

Your lawn plays a major role in the overall aesthetic of your home in Michigan. Even the nicest houses can look unattractive if the lawn isn’t kept up, or if there are unsightly aspects creeping up around the yard.


Abraham Landscape Group residential lawn mowing service will help keep your lawn vibrantly green, impeccably manicured, and fit for any activity you plan at your house. Our licensed, insured, and neatly-dressed crews will bring your turf to life and ensure your landscaping stays spruced up and looking incredible. Planning your lawn care service with us will also help the longevity of your landscaped property, and keep your grounds clear, safe, and beautiful. 


Our team of experts will plan out what is needed for your yard to look amazing, everything from sod installation, to irrigation systems, to tree and shrub replacement, and everything in between.

Transform your property’s exterior from a dull space into something bursting with color. Our planting services enhance your landscape with the right combination of flowers and plants.


Flower and plant installations are a fantastic way to make your house stand out. When you or your guests enter the property, they’ll see a bright, well-maintained, and attractive space.


Abraham Landscape Group understands that each client is different; as such, our team of experts discuss your requirements first before preparing a design plan. Our qualified and experienced craftsmen install the greenery, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily activities.

Transform your home into a paradise


Having a beautiful property isn’t an easy task. After finding the right company to partner with on designing your outdoor space, then you’ll need to maintain all the amazing work that was done, and Michigan weather does not go easy on your landscaping. Let Abraham Landscape Group take the hassle from you and handle all the maintenance for you!


We make sure your landscape is in perfect condition and ready for the harshness that each season offers. Leave it to us to keep your plants and flowers healthy, irrigated, and pruned. Your trees and shrubs will be well-taken care of and properly shielded from cruel weather elements using the highest quality of mulch. Soil will be aerated, fertilized, and ready for new growth.


We remove dead leaves after the fall, remove the snow after winter, and spruce up your garden in the spring and summer. Having an expert crew on your property to update your lighting or power washing your home, patio, sidewalks, and driveway will be the best choice you make for your home’s curb appeal. Your beautiful property will be ready to host parties and entertain guests all year round.

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Lawn Care When You’re Not There

Attention to detail and impeccable service is what we’re known for across Michigan. We understand the demands of everyday life can sometimes get in the way. 


At Abraham Landscape Group, we’d like you to know your property will be cared for, even when you’re taking care of other things. Rest assured, if you’re out of town, we’ll be right there as scheduled making sure your residential lawn mowing service continues unobstructed. 


We take great pride in preserving the trust we’re given in lawn care service. We’re here to help year-round. Whether you’re home or not, we’ll make sure your lawn receives the highest standards of quality and service.  


Contact us today for an evaluation and how Abraham Landscape Group can help you with your residential lawn care needs!






Aeration & Overseeding
As landscapes become tightly compacted, aerating is often a necessary step in healthy maintenance. 

With this method, holes punched into the turf will allow moisture, oxygen, and nutrients to filtrate. Grass seeds will then be planted in treated areas to fill in bare spots and improve turf density.


We understand the critical need for proper tree care and management of your bushes and foliage.

We staff certified arborists to manage your tree care needs by utilizing the proper techniques for pruning, trimming and overall care. This includes services for preventing and treating disease and pest infestations.


Count on our licensed technicians to provide your lawn with the safest agronomic method.
With this method, holes punched into the turf will allow moisture, oxygen, and nutrients to filtrate. Grass seeds will then be planted in treated areas to fill in bare spots and improve turf density.

Fire Pits &

Create a warm and inviting space for your customers in your landscape with the addition of a fire feature.

Our professionals are equipped to install and maintain any gas or wood-burning fire pit, table, chimera or fireplace.

Outdoor Kitchens

Make your landscape an extension of your indoor property space by adding an outdoor kitchen.

We will design and build an outdoor kitchen to fit your on-site needs, in addition to completing any maintenance or repair services on an existing fixture.

Outdoor Lighting

We understand the need for outdoor lighting at your companies facility to light the walkways and ensure the safety for all visitors.

Install an exterior lighting system to benefit your property to ensure security and illumination at all hours of the day. Choose from solar-panel powered, low voltage, LED and spotlights for your outdoor lighting needs.

Pest Control

You can have a healthy, beautiful lawn that is resistant to damage from insects and disease.

Count on our licensed technicians to provide your lawn with the safest method of controlling weeds and improving grass while minimizing risks to property, family, pets, and the environment.

Seasonal Planting

Add garden or flower beds to improve curb appeal of your property.

Our installation and maintenance services create a vibrant, blossoming garden. We also rake and clean them, as well as protect them by spraying for weeds.

Irrigation Services

From design to repairs, we offer a full suite of Irrigation system management services.

We can design and install your systems or perform regular inspections, audits and maintenance services for full water management solutions.

Leaf & Debris Removal

We understand the critical need for proper care of your companies property, that is why our staff will clear all unwanted debris from your property.

Fallen leaves and organic debris are raked and removed to relieve garden beds and all other landscape elements of unwanted clutter and unsightly eyesores.


You can count on our staff to service your lawn mowing needs on a regimented schedule you set with us.

Professional recurring grass mowing regimens are tailored to customer needs and are based on grass type, climate and time of season.


Your companies landscaping will look spectacular with the best quality and looking mulch in Michigan.

Premium-quality mulch is placed to improve soil and protect plants. Our products are derived from high-quality raw materials that are environmentally safe.

Site Design, Development

When looking for a custom landscape design and development, look no further than Abraham Landscape Group.

Delivering a custom design and development plan that includes concept, plant palette, planting plan, lighting, drainage, hardscapes, decks, fences, water features – any enhancements that will fit into your vision and budget.

Sodding & Seeding

Rely on our expert staff to deliver the best in sodding and seeding at your companies facility.

The difference between seeding and sodding is the time it takes to develop the grass. We provide both services to a new or existing landscape, improving the overall look.

Trimming, Pruning, Edging

Avoid having overgrown shrubs, plants, and trees on your commercial property, with our team you won’t have to worry.

Overgrown shrub branches or stems are pruned as needed to promote growth, dense foliage and to optimize the overall look of your landscape.

Water Features & Fountains

Create a unique ambiance with a water feature on your property that will be a talking piece for all spectators that visit your company.

Water features are great focal points for property landscapes, with their soothing sounds and reflective qualities. We will design, install and maintain the most tranquil fountains, waterfalls and ponds that complement your existing landscape design.

Grading & Drainage

Standing water can jeopardize the health of your property’s landscape and tends to result from improper grading and drainage.

We will remove standing water and redirect it utilizing proper grading and drainage techniques.

Hardscapes & Pavers

Using a variety of high quality hardscape materials, we will install a patio, driveway, retaining wall or walkway that gives your property that finished look.

We will utilize the most appropriate materials (concrete, asphalt, brick, flagstone, etc.) based on your property’s aesthetic.


Design and Construction Services:
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